Need Based Scholarship Program 

 The Riley Foundation supports families in recovery through awarding need based scholarships that address gaps in current social services. We believe small financial grants that alleviate excessive burden allow families to maintain stability during the various challenges they may face throughout the recovery process.

Our Need Based Scholarship Program seeks to address some of the unique hardships of early sobriety that can make long-term success more challenging, especially for families with small children. Although many support programs already exist to help people in our communities, these resources can be limited in scope and/or don't address the particular needs of family addiction recovery. (Family Addiction Recovery)

Eligibility To help determine if you qualify for a scholarship here are a few of the things we consider. 

  • You are a parent in recovery from addiction. Or, you are raising a child who has been impacted by a loved one's addiction. 
  • You are experiencing a specific need that is not being met through services currently available to you. (e.g. temporary assistance from family/church, community programs, government programs, etc.)
  • You are actively working toward long-term solutions for financial stability. (e.g. seeking employment, job training, school, etc.)
  • You are actively working a program of recovery. (e.g. utilizing local support groups, following recommended treatment guidelines, volunteering, attending our Seven C's Workshop Series, etc.)
We understand that everyone's situation is unique. For eligibility questions or to request an application email Completed applications will be reviewed at the next scheduled board meeting. Applications missing any requested information will not be reviewed at that time.

The Importance of Providing Need Based Scholarships 

Addiction is a Family Disease When someone develops an addiction it has a profound impact on everyone around them, especially their immediate family members. And when an individual enters recovery, the rest of their family does as well. This process of transitioning from active addiction to long-term recovery can take years and is a time of massive change and stress. It is during this period of vulnerability that families need more forms of support, including financial, while they build a family foundation that is consistently stable and not as easily thrown off track by normal life difficulties.
Donate Our scholarship program is financed through the generous donations we receive throughout the year.  If you would like to make a donation to our scholarship program visit our donation page and write "scholarships" in the comments when making your contribution.